Zhanatas Wind Farm Connected to Grid with Full Capacity

Kazakhstan, June 21,2021 – At 01:40 a.m., June 20 local time in Kazakhstan, the 40th wind turbine of CPIH Zhanatas 100 MW Wind Farm was connected to the national power grid of Kazakhstan, marking the successful full-capacity grid connection of the wind power project.


As the largest wind power project in Central Asia, Zhanatas Wind Farm was jointly invested by CPIH and Visor, Kazakhstan. The construction officially started in July 2019. During the construction period, the project overcame many difficulties such as COVID-19 resurgence and frozen ground, and effectively protected the health of its personnel with zero COVID-19 infection.


After the full-capacity grid connection, the wind farm will be able to generate 350 million kWh of electricity per year, which can meet the electricity demand of 1 million households. Compared with coal-fired power plants with the same capacity, the project can save 109,500 tons of standard coal annually, and reduce sulfur dioxide emissions by 1,031 tons, nitrogen oxide discharge by 934 tons, carbon dioxide emissions by 289,000 tons, soot emissions by 322 tons, and coal slag by 32,900 tons every year.

(Source: Zhanatas Wind Power)