Wind Power

  • 1,293 MW

Portland, Australia – 179.2MW

The 179.2 MW Portland Wind Power Project is located in southwest Victoria, Australia. It consists of five separate stations and the last one was completed and put into operation in 2015. The project supplies enough clean energy for the use of 100,000 local families reduces CO₂ emissions by around 590,000 tons per annum.

Codrington, Australia – 18.2MW

Operating since 2001, the 18.2 MW Codrington Wind Farm is Australia’s first commercial wind power project. It is located near Port Fairy in southwest Victoria, and can supply clean electricity to 10,000 households while reducing CO₂ emissions by 49,000 tons per annum.

Vale dos Ventos, Brazil – 48MW

Operating since 2009, the 48 MW Vale dos Ventos Wind Farm is Located in Brazil’s northeast state of Paraíba. It could meet the electricity needs of 100,000 local families and reduce CO₂ emissions by 17,000 tons per year.

Millennium, Brazil – 10.2MW

Located in Paraíba State, northeaster Brazil, the 10.2 MW Millennium wind farm started operation in 2007. It provides enough clean electricity for 40,000 local families while reducing CO₂ emissions by around 4,600 tons per annum.

Brazil Vale dos Ventos Wind Farm
Total installed capacity

meets the electricity needs of 100,000 local households.

Reynosa, Mexico – 424MW

Located in Tamaulipas State, the 424 MW Reynosa Farm is the largest wind power project in Mexico. It started operation in April, 2019 and can supply enough electricity for 900,000 people while reducing CO₂ emissions by 739,000 tons each year.

Punta Sierra, Chile – 80 MW

Equipped with 32 wind turbines, the 80 MW Punta Sierra wind farm is located in Coquimbo region, Chile. It entered commercial operation in 2018 and can supply enough clean electricity for 130,000 local families while reducing CO₂ emissions by over 100,000 tons each year.

Zhanatas, Kazakhstan – 100MW

Located in Zhambyl of Kazakhstan, the 100 MW Zhanatas wind farm is the largest wind power project under construction in Central Asia. The first batch of wind turbines commenced operation in September, 2020. When completed, the project can meet the electricity need of over 1 million local families while avoiding greenhouse gas and harmful gas emissions by 291,000 tons, bringing great social, economic and environmental benefits.

Dak Nong Wind Farm – 49.5MW

Located in Dak Nong of Vietnam, the capacity of the project is 49.5 MW and CPIH owns 70% of its equity. The project commenced operation with full capacity in November, 2021. It can supply 150 million kWh clean energy, and its annual electricity output can meet the need of 80,000 inhabitants.

Wind Power Projects