Gas-fired Power

  •   466 MW

GNA LNG-to-power Project, Brazil – 1,338MW

Located in Port of Açu, Rio de Janeiro, the GNA project has a planned total capacity of 6.4GW, which will be completed in 4 phases. In January 2021, CPIH acquired 33% of the equity of GNA I and GNA II. In September 2021, GNA I 1,338MW LNG-to-power project entered commercial operation, which will be able to supply energy for 6 million households. Together with GNA II, which is scheduled to start construction in November 2021 with a planned installed capacity of 1,681 MW, the two combined cycle gas turbine (CCGT) power plants will form the largest LNG-to-power complex in Latin America, able to meet the energy needs of 14 million households.