CPIH Stands with Local Communities in the Fight Against COVID-19

I. Security power supply

In response to the epidemic prevention requirement of Hubei Province, CPIH Dabieshan Power Plant started Unit 2 in the night of January 25, 2020 and transmitted the power generated, roughly 25 million kWh per day, directly to the front-line in Wuhan. CPIH successfully maintained smooth running of 43.8GW of its installed capacity at home and abroad, and made positive contributions to national and regional efforts against COVID-19 by stabilizing power supply.


II. Support local communities

1.  In Chile

Luis Suárez, an employee at the company’s Chilian branch in charge of community relations, found a way that could provide the communities with much-needed masks, and at the same time help ease the pressure of the locals who lost their job due to the epidemic. He wasted no time in purchasing raw materials for masks, and contacted with Gloria López, head of a company named Creciendo Juntos. Creciendo Juntos gathered 15 local women (who had participated in the sewing course organized by Creciendo Juntos before) in the Cachapoa Community near Koya Power Plant, and made full use of every minute to teach them how to protect themselves against COVID-19, how to make a mask and the standards to follow when making masks.

A week later, 1,500 masks, a token of love and care of CPIH, were distributed to the households, nursing homes, fire departments and general hospitals in the communities around Cachapoa Valley and Punta Sierra Wind Farm.

After delivering the first batch of medical supplies, the Chilian branch donated 2,500 USD worth of disinfectant to local government and helped them to disinfect public areas. Meanwhile, the company placed an urgent order of 10,000 masks and donated 8,000 to the communities and institutions around Cachapo River Basin, and 2,000 to the communities of Mantos de Hornillos and Caleta Sierra near the Punta Sierra Wind Farm, for the residents to use from June to August.



2. In Pakistan

After the outbreak of COVID-19 in Pakistan, China Power Hub Generation Company not only protected the health of employees and ensured smooth running of the power plant, but also fully utilized its own resources to assist the local government and people in tiding over the crisis.

On March 28, 2020, the company donated a ton of instant spray disinfectant and 2,000 masks to Hub Town, Pakistan, where the company is located. On April 6, the company pooled more than 400 bags of grains and gave them to the families in need in the surrounding areas of Hub Town. On June 4, the company again delivered a batch of food and materials to the families in need.

On July 26, 2020, Naghmana A Hashmi, the Pakistani Ambassador to China, wrote a letter of thanks in which she spoke highly of the generous support and contribution of China Power Hub Generation Company in assisting Pakistan to fight against the epidemic.

In the letter, Ms. Hashmi said, “Faced with this global calamity, the assistance of the Chinese government and people has been a source of comfort for Pakistan. It has renewed the time-tested trust and respect and deep-seated friendship between our two nations.”


(Source: CPID)